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Formal Dress

Formal dresses have become necessities. When you are dragged into several dress-up occasions, from our teens onwards, you have to have a formal dress or two in your wardrobe. It is hard to be caught without a formal dress available - and much harder to shop rushing to get one, while not having an idea what to get. With so many formal dress choices out there, and so many "alien" terms to consider, a day to buy formal dresses may not be enough. So before you head out, have a clear idea what type of formal dress you'd go for and what would suit your body type and figure. To start off, get to know the different terms that define formal dresses. For sure, when you step into the clothing store, the attendant will be spouting a lot of these terms.

Kinds of formal dress

The A-line formal dress follows an enduring style, began by Christian Dior in 1955. The A-line formal dress flows like the letter "A" from the shoulders downwards. This formal dress is narrow at the torso, but flares below the waist. It suits pear shaped women the best. This formal dress can lessen the focus on your hips and thigh. At the same time, it highlights your upper body.

The high low formal dress, on the other hand, zigzags from the waist down. Its hemline is uneven, resulting in a layered look. The top of this formal dress usually hugs the body. This formal dress would look great on pear shaped and slender women.

The sheath formal dress is one for the sexy ladies. This dress hugs the body tight. It tends to show every detail of your body. The empire dress, on the other hand, looks amazing on petite women, or those with slender torsos. The empire formal dress has a waistline that's right about the natural waistline. This hides thick waists, and makes women appear taller.

The halter formal dress is a dress with two sections that meet at the back of the neck. These two sections can either be made of thin clothing material like spaghetti straps, or lush drape-like fabrics. This type of formal dress is suitable to all body types, as long as your bare shoulders can take being under the spotlight.

Another formal dress option is the mermaid dress. The dress, as the name suggests, flows like a mermaid's tail. The formal dress hugs from the torso downwards until the mid calf. From here the dress flares out. This dress suits women with slim or athletic builds.

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